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A Winter Off? Not Around Here!

Many of us are seasonal workers, but that doesn’t always mean we are seasonal “un-workers.” There’s hardly enough time in a day to get all the work done.
I’ve been steadily churning out new soaps, lots are curing. The colors and the scents! Intoxicating!
As they reach cure and are ready to use, there will be more updates, but for now, how about the creamy lather of real goat’s milk soaps? The smooth clay shave bars? The neon yellow/green of my “Bite Me Not” with a scent to rival my Chemical Free Insect Repellent? Blueberry Thrill? Geranium Ylang Ylang……..oh I could go on, but you get the picture.

Also new this year will be naturally scented 100{1d9867b8c83356ce7934075ae3eef584db0c35b82f08f9e8cf7e41b92c801dc8} soy candles, poured in darling re-usable aluminum tins. I’ll have unscented for sure, but the people have spoken, and they like scents! Coffee Cake & Spice….Cranberry Peach Vanilla…..Chocolate and Honey……Irish Leather……they’re be lots.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates!Soaps


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  1. Beautiful soaps and MORE!!!

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