About the Artisan

My name is Nova, I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I have four grown children, and this business has certainly become my fifth!

I live in the eastern part of beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, where the views everyday are inspirational. A big source of my love for all things artisanal came from my grandmother. She was a true pioneer, who could make something grand out of nothing, including the soap she produced several times a year. I was always fascinated by it, and since some of the ingredients are not child friendly, I would be chased outside while she mixed! Despite my limited exposure to the soap making process in my family, the idea was never far from my mind………I wanted to make soap! One Christmas, one of my daughters gave me a wonderful book on Soapmaking, and I was hooked! I started collecting. A utensil here, a recipe there. A mold here, some oils there. Finally, in 2013 I was ready. My first batch. Oh what anticipation……………and oh what a failure!

But that’s okay, I was also blessed with a terrific stubborn streak (Taurus) and I persevered. Gradually, I discovered the recipe that worked for me, it’s all very personal. Experiments with botanicals and scents and colors and molds followed. Soon my family and friends and co-workers began asking for it. Then in 2014 some local seasonal gifts shops wanted to carry it, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now in 2021, my new website will carry all the information in one spot that my customers are asking for.

 I have made the decision to use the purest organic ingredients I can find, both locally and from my distributors. Only essential oils, which are naturally distilled. The best quality Fragrance Oils. No chemicals are added to my products. My customers tell me that constant use of my soaps and lotion bars have even improved their dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis symptoms.

The greatest support for my business has come from my husband of 45 years. Black Rafter Soapworks enjoys the handy work of his custom built wooden molds from old barn boards.

You may wonder at the name I’ve chosen for my business and it’s a long story, so I’ll make it brief. I use it to honor and keep alive the name of a little business my father had many years ago. It makes me feel happy to see it on all my products.

When making soap, you amass quite a collection of ingredients that can be used for other things, so while soap is curing, sometimes up to five weeks, you have time for new ideas. Well, it’s that entrepreneur spirit again, trying new things, so Black Rafter SoapWorks is constantly adding to the line.

I hope you’ll give Black Rafter SoapWorks a try, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

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