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Beer Soap? Oh Why Not!

Soap is a pretty everyday, ho-hum kind of thing. We use it daily (hopefully) pick it up at the store occasionally, but don’t think about using it as a gift, as a rule.

But hand made soap is different. There is a real connection between the maker and the finished product. It’s personal. I’ve been buying it for as long as I can remember, I used to tell my kids not to touch that goat’s milk soap in the bathroom, it’s mine.

But then I became a soap maker, and now I can’t give them enough to try out for me.

Next time you see it, give it a try. Is it more expensive? Yes, generally. But the good far outweighs the bad. A gentleman who started using my soap asked “What’s in that soap?” He was very pleased. And I answered “It’s not what’s “in” the soap. It’s what’s “not” in the soap. As in harmful chemicals and additives that we can neither read nor pronounce. Just gentle nourishing ingredients. Every batch highly personal.

At Black Rafter SoapWorks. I’m very proud of each and every bar, so if you see this new one, “Suds” pick one up for that certain someone who enjoys a glass of beer, makes a cute little gift, and how practical!

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