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Covid-19, It’s Not Here to Stay

The Corona Virus isn’t here to stay, it’ll go away, but it’s fairly annoying while it’s here. At worst, it can prove fatal, at the least it is just like that relative that you could throttle every time you hear them. You have no patience for them, you don’t want them around, you can’t wait til they leave. Ya, kinda like that.
For a soap maker, I couldn’t be in a better place. At a time like this, soap is King. Wash your hands often and liberally. There’s a time and place for everything, right now cleansers with harsh chemicals are okay, they might help stop the spread. And artisnal soaps, although they don’t contain what we’d call chemicals, they must contain lye in order to complete the saponification process, and produce soap. So feel secure that soap makers produce a good product.
It’s hard to plan ahead right now, no one knows what summer 2020 will look like, but by that time it is too late to start making products. So Black Rafter has spent the winter producing as per usual. All soaps are at the end of curing and are awaiting new labels. Insect spray/roll on is all done, boxed and ready to go.
With the likelyhood of restrictions still in place for the summer, a lot of my sales will be on line and shipped or curb side pick up. I prepared an order for shipping this morning, so I guess that got me thinking. We must still make future plans, this too shall pass.
So take care out there everyone, have patience. That annoying relative will soon decide to pack up and go home. In the meantime, WASH YOUR HANDS!! And have a cookie.

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