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Do Martians Wash Their Hands?

Do Martians wash their hands? Do Martians have hands? Is there even any such thing as a Martian?

Who knows, maybe the heat is getting to me!

This nice cool, dry air has given me new vigor, and soapmaking for the fall and Christmas starts in September for me. Already shipments of supplies are in transit, recipes are being compiled, items washed and ready.

But back to the Martians. Recent evidence seems to point to the real possibility of water, at least in ice form, on the surface of Mars. How exciting, just in case we humans destroy our own planet, and need to move. And if so, and we make friends with Martians, I’ll want to make sure to have plenty of artisan soap for them.

And for you too. Watch for updates, new scents, and lots of new Mega Bath Bombs, they are popular!

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