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Eye In The Sky

Eye In The SkyWow what a picture, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in March. Once in a very great while are all the conditions are right for a shot like this, especially for a poor amateur such as me.

Kind of like life, when all the conditions are right and your ducks line up in a row, just take a shot. Whether you are trying to decide on a new car, an addition to the house, vegetarian or meat, just take a shot!

That’s what I did when I decided to go for it; put all the eggs in a basket, and sell artisan soap! It’s working out so far, I’m loving it, and speaking of which, I have a soapy mess to clean up!

4 thoughts on “Eye In The Sky

  1. Awesome products. We have had great luck with the Insect Repellent….and we live in bug country! The soaps and lip balm are also great! I look forward to trying more of the products and would highly recommend them to anyone. You are definitely a going concern Nova!!

    1. Thanks so much Helena!

  2. Hi Nova,
    Dave and I took over the Johnson Shore Inn. I’d like to try your bug spray. How can I get some?
    Call me will you? I’ve got to work outside this week and I’m going to get eaten alive.
    Mell 687-1340

  3. Can’t wait to drop some off, see how it works for you!

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