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Fly Season, Our Fifth Season!

DSC07543 DSC07544 DSC07542Well it’s heeeeeere! Summer (thank goodness) and flies(not so much).

At Black Rafter SoapWorks, we’ve turned up the heat on our production, and filled up the arsenal.

Not only do we have hundreds of bottles of the popular chemical free Insect Repellent, but how about an artisan soap AND a soy candle using the same powerful combination of essential oils? Sound crazy? Well sure, but sometimes crazy works. The scent is heavenly, but black flies and mosqiutoes don’t like it, so they won’t land.

What have you got to lose, except some swatting and swear words when you try to have a drink on the deck? Check it out on the website.

Send a message along, ask a question, or give it a try!

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