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Hello March!!

“Bahhhhhhhhh” said the little lamb, better known as March 1st. What a winter it’s been.

Now I love snowshoeing better than the next guy, but what can I do about the weather? Try not to overthink it I guess. No matter what happens now, spring is on our mind, and today is such a perfect day for getting those sheets out on the line, and putting a quilt out on the veranda for freshening up.

At Black Rafter SoapWorks, I am busy learning new photography techniques to improve the look of my website and Etsy shop, and it’s a slow process. For me, anyway, old dogs and new tricks………………

But I am taking a bite out of today, rolls rising as I take pictures, and the computer work is never ending. Then when everything is in place, soap pot, watch out!!

2 thoughts on “Hello March!!

  1. What happened to the candles? I was gifted the ylang ylang one for Christmas and it has become my most favorite candle of all time in both smell and longevity aspects. I was browsing your online store but I’m sad to see there are no candles here anymore 🙁

    1. Hi Abby, what a nice message! Yes, I have Soy candles available, but as you can see, I am in the middle of refreshing my website. All my products are being re-photographed before uploading, and the candles just aren’t done yet. My web master will also be refreshing the landing page, I am anziously awaiting those changes. The candles are 250ml size, in wide mouth mason jars, it seems buyers like the re-cyclable aspect of packaging, with Lavender, Green Apple, and Sex in the Sand m first three 2018 scents. More to follow.

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