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Irish Leather, What’s Not To Like?

I’m not kidding, new soaps almost every day now! Couple of days ago I experimented with a new high-quality fragrant oil, “Irish Leather” and boy, it’s a winner! It’s hard to describe, but if you could combine Grampie’s pipe, a new pair of boots, a walk through a hay field, and some peppermints, you might be close. It is decidedly masculine, and I will be offering it in my new on-line department “The Men’s Room” and I think it will fly!  It has cured to an appropriate soft grey-green, a nice heavy bar of quality soap.DSC07238 DSC07239

It will be limited, and I don’t expect it to last long. What a great little item to add to a gift for that special guy! (Even if he’s not Irish!)

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