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It’s A Warm One!

It’s August, it’s hot, it’s humid, it’s summer on PEI!
As any Islander knows, all we have to do is survive until Old Home Week ends, and the air changes. The humidity disappears and the nights cool down. Campers pack up and festivals wind down. Back to school sales begin and vacations end. All part and parcel of Island life.
But would we have it any other way? I suppose not. I’m not a heat lover, never was. Although I live at the shore and love it, I’m not a beach person. I can walk it and comb it, but I can’t lay on it. Nuts, right?
Flip to winter: love it. My brothers and I all get this crazy energy from stormy weather, only people who experience it can understand it. I appreciate all the folks who have to work outside in winter, it can be awful. The driving, the shoveling, the visibility issues. But it can also be beautiful, and I like to focus on that. Being the first snowshoe-er to trek through a fresh snowfall, Christmas lights, the smell of towels just taken off the line on a cold windy day. I’m already looking forward to it. Gets me through these sticky mornings. Sticky afternoons. Sticky evenings. You get the picture.
The Gold Cup Parade is tomorrow, it’ll soon be time to stock up on vinegar and other pickling supplies, another wonderful time of our season. Watch for the giant towering sunflowers, the bright orange of pumpkins in our roadside stands, and listen to the cheerful chatter of the blue jays.
There, does that make you forget about this heat?

No. Me either.

1 thought on “It’s A Warm One!

  1. That’s a good one…… can’t wait to say: “yep, Olde Home Week is over, the air has changed”.

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