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It’s Not Always Black and White

As humans, we’re very visual, and we love color. But we forget how cool black and white is! The old black and white photos that we consider vintage, those are endlessly interesting. You need your imagination. Soapmaking provides unlimited creativity, and I’ve poured off a number of beautifully colored soaps so far this year. But today I cut my newest batch, and I’m in love!

It is cold process, and I added a healthy dose of Dead Sea Mud, for it’s obvious skin nourishing properties. It turned a lovely shade of gray (no doubt one of at least 50) and I designed a black swirl and a white swirl. Add to that three oils for scent: Rosewood, Bay Rum, and Anise. Anise has a rich sweet earthiness, and smells just like licorice.

This is a decidedly male combination of scents, just heavenly, and I can’t wait for cure. I’m sure one of these will be put to good use in my bathroom.

“Licorice Swirl” watch for it!Licorice DSC07194 DSC07197

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Always Black and White

  1. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it.

    1. It smells so good………….

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