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Look What’s Happening Today

Every now and then you have to shake your head.

Raise your hand if you try to be healthy.

Raise your hand if someone (insert daughter here) has introduced you to a healthy, tasty beverage.

Raise your hand if you’ve read today’s front page article on said beverage. Effectively our gov’t wants to crack down on local producers of their delish komboucha and render us helpless.

Raise your hand if you went… Come on.

So, I decided to work off my frustrations with my own product. Black Rafter SoapWorks “Dead Sea Mineral Mud Facial.” As you can see, it’s imported straight from the Dead Sea in Israel, doesn’t get any more real than that. I jar it in lovely little 4oz. sterile containers, label and wrap it for you.

Coming to a pop up market soon, near you. On second thought, I sure hope they don’t shut me down…………..

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