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May Day, May Day

Well here we are, May 1 already. I have a special fondness for May, since I was born on May 18. I share my birth month with the likes of George Clooney, Roma Downey, Billy Joel, Bono, Emilio Estevez, and Napoleon Bonaparte. I’m in great company!!

May has lots going for it. Fishing and farming get underway here on PEI, birds are nesting, bikes come out, daffodils and tulips appear, deck furniture gets a dusting.
As for me, my next chapter begins, my job as Site Manager for The East Point Lighthouse gets underway, and all my soaping must be finished. (Of course it isn’t.)

So to have a little fun, and to see who’s paying attention, I’m running a special for my birthday. Although I expect many many presents, (insert a laughing emoji here) I’d like to give out a present on my birthday.
For every one of you who have used any one of my Black Rafter SoapWorks products, would you please consider leaving a review for that product on my website? Then, on May 18, I will have an outside party go through the reviews or comments randomly and choose one to receive their gift. I will present that winner with a gift basket of my products valued well over $50.00, beautifully wrapped. Happy birthday to me, and


to you!

Click the link to bring you right to my website, leave a review, and go!


31 thoughts on “May Day, May Day

  1. “We Three Kings” given at Christmas to rave reviews!

    1. Thanks, Judy!

  2. I’ve used your Soaps and Soap Bombs and I love them all.
    Happy Birthday

    1. Thanks a million, and good luck in my draw!

  3. Blackrafter Soapworks is’s the only soap used in our house,and have used lip balm,sugar scrub ,dry skin emoillent.its been gifted many times ,& the charcoal soap is fabulous for teenage skin πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks so much, you’re the best!

    2. However ,Nova , I would have to pick BlackRafter Soapworks ” All Natural Outdoor Insect Spray .
      $ 10.00- $ 15.00
      5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  4. I always have dry cracked heels in the winter but not this year. I purchased the Heel Balm at Christmas and no more cracked dry heels for me. I can see why it is listed as a best seller on your website. Love the Cranberry Seed Sugar Scrub as well!

    1. So pleased to hear this Maggie, good luck in my draw!

  5. I have used your soaps and bath bombs love them..bug repellent also excellent..

    1. Thanks Carol! Good luck on my Birthday draw!

  6. Hmmmm…. I’m not sure where to begin!
    I think the bug spray was the first product from Nova that i ever used. And well, it was AMAZING! Worked great on me and my children.
    Then i think i tried the lotion- well let’s just say i haven’t stopped and noticed a big difference in my skin.
    As for the soap, bath bombs, lip gloss, SHAVING BARS, foot scrub, well those are all things i just don’t think i could live without. Next up… I’m trying the candles although i have no doubt those will be a great product as well!

    1. Well Sally, I may blush! Thanks so much for your support! Good luck on my Birthday draw!

  7. I love so many of the products that I made it my go to for gift packages last year: deodorant, bug spray, soap, lip balm etc.. Everyone was happy!
    I had no worries about running out of candles this winter because I had so many made to get me through (I may be covered next year too).

    1. Thanks Lydia, you’re the best! Good luck!

  8. I have used several of your products and love them all, but have to give a shout out to your insect repellent. It’s the only one I use !

    1. Thanks so much Ann! Good luck on my Birthday draw!

  9. I love the bug spray/insect repellent as I am out a lot in the woods and trails. And the Nettles Shampoo bar with tea tree is a camper’s dream!! I love that her soaps really lather and omg I love love the smells!

    1. Thanks for the rave review, good luck on the draw!

  10. I love the vanilla & hemp lip balms are my favorite, and the patchouli soap, is by far my favorite!!!

  11. However ,Nova , I would have to pick BlackRafter Soapworks ” All Natural Outdoor Insect Spray .
    $ 10.00- $ 15.00
    5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  12. I absolutely love all of your soaps…the scents, the way they lather and the way they make your skin feel. I have also tried the deodorant and bath bombs but I would have to say the heel balm is my absolute favourite. I always had dry cracked heels, but not anymore thanks to your amazing product. I have told my family and co-workers about all of your wonderful products. Have a great birthday month!! πŸŽ‰

    1. Thanks Lori, good luck in my Birthday Draw!

  13. I liked the insect spray… the stuff works!

  14. I love the bug spray. It has a great Scent and Works extremely well. Wouldn’t use anything else but this product!

  15. I love the bug spray. It has a great Scent and Works extremely well. Wouldn’t use anything else but this product!

    1. Thanks Mindy, good luck in my Birthday Draw!

  16. Nova your bug spray is amazing! I love feeling confident that what I am applying to my child’s skin is as natural as possible. Looking forward to trying some more of your creations!

    1. Thanks Karen, good luck in my Birthday Draw!

  17. In no particular order: wide range of products, all are top quality, smell amazing, incredible value, and LOCAL! Well done, Nova!

    1. Thanks, good luck in my Birthday draw!

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