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Mosquitoes, anyone?

It was a hot day, yes, but I spent part of it weeding and hoeing my pitiful little garden. How I envy those green thumbs out there!
It did look better, but terribly dry, and I know everyone says don’t water your garden, the water is too cold!
My answer always is, would you like SOME food, or NO food?
Some food, I would say, so I hauled out all the hose and spent 15 minutes soaking ‘er down.
Now, the first 5 minutes also included Battle of the Mosquitoes, and I didn’t intend to lose. So I trotted over to Jamie’s truck, and found his poor old used up bottle of my Insect repellent, at least 3 years old. It would have suffered all the heat and all the cold of these 3 years, but I figured, oh what the hell. I shook it up, sprayed all my exposed skin, rubbed some on my neck and face and ears, and guess what?
Yep, they didn’t bother me again! They were around, and little flies too, but the little friggers left me alone to finish my garden.

I stay pretty quiet about this repellent, because I know it won’t work in extreme situations, and there will always be nay sayers. But I’ve found it effective time and again, and sales of case after case can’t all be wrong!
Check it out, summer will be here for a long time yet, and I hate being chased inside all the time. Safe for kids and pets too, absolutely no chemicals. And to boot, my skin has never felt softer!



2 thoughts on “Mosquitoes, anyone?

  1. We tried your “Bite Me Not” stick and it failed miserably. Mosquitoes landed on us and bit away. I paid 5.95 + tax for this itty bitty amount which was a total waste of money. Sorry but this product sucked and won’t be buying it again.

    1. So sorry to hear of your bad experience, but after selling thousands of this product over the last 8 years or so, I think I’ll continue!

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