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Summertime is here, and so are long, lazy days outside. Or long days of working outdoors. Either way, our skin can always use some TLC. At Black Rafter, a few years ago I was asked if I could make a spray to moisturize skin while outdoors, that smelled good too. Well here it is, a cocktail if you will, of seven powerful essential oils suspended in luscious sweet almond oil, and lightened up with cooling witch hazel. As an added bonus, we love the scent, but it turns out bugs don’t! So we may have inadvertently stumbled on to something.

You be the judge. Try it. What have you got to lose?

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Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 20 cm

240ml, 100ml

19 reviews for Black Rafter SoapWorks “ALL NATURAL OUTDOOR INSECT SPRAY”

  1. admin

    Ann Doyle
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    I have used several of your products and love them all, but have to give a shout out to your insect repellent. It’s the only one I use !

  2. admin

    Sally Drake
    1 approved

    Hmmmm…. I’m not sure where to begin!
    I think the bug spray was the first product from Nova that i ever used. And well, it was AMAZING! Worked great on me and my children.
    Then i think i tried the lotion- well let’s just say i haven’t stopped and noticed a big difference in my skin.
    As for the soap, bath bombs, lip gloss, SHAVING BARS, foot scrub, well those are all things i just don’t think i could live without. Next up… I’m trying the candles although i have no doubt those will be a great product as well!

  3. Stephanie Smith

    I have bought a few bottles of this and it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s not too strong smelling and works like a charm.

    • admin

      Thanks so much! Good luck on MY birthday!!

  4. admin

    Sara Deveau
    1 approved

    I love the bug spray/insect repellent as I am out a lot in the woods and trails. And the Nettles Shampoo bar with tea tree is a camper’s dream!! I love that her soaps really lather and omg I love love the smells!

  5. admin

    1 approved

    However ,Nova , I would have to pick BlackRafter Soapworks ” All Natural Outdoor Insect Spray .

  6. admin

    0 approved

    Nova your bug spray is amazing! I love feeling confident that what I am applying to my child’s skin is as natural as possible. Looking forward to trying some more of your creations!

  7. admin

    0 approved

    I love the bug spray. It has a great Scent and Works extremely well. Wouldn’t use anything else but this product!

  8. admin

    Cathy Cahill
    0 approved

    I liked the insect spray… the stuff works!

  9. admin

    Mary Mahar
    0 approved

    Love the bug spray,and the lip balm.

  10. Shelley deagle

    Awesome product. We use this at the daycare i work at. 🙂

  11. Courtney

    Amazing spray! Works well, great on the skin and smells good.

  12. Paige Gardiner

    We love this bug spray , we live at the ball field and it’s great for us and the dogs which is perfect .

  13. Melanie Roll

    This product is a staple in all of our outdoor adventures. We have a bottle in our car, one in the van and another in our garage at home. If it works against the bugs in Fort Augustus, it’ll work anywhere. It’s so nice to find a product that works AND is family friendly 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Melanie, a large bottle of the spray is included in the draw package, good luck on my birthday!

  14. Patti

    What a wonderful product that allows bug free enjoyment of the outdoors!

  15. admin

    We were in PEI last summer visiting my brother and sister in law for the Cavendish music festival. We played a round of golf at Crowbush and the starter there gave us some as it was quite buggy that day. She raved about it and I LOVED the scent – and it worked!!! I bought some in the pro shop on the way out!! My daughter goes to camp in algonquin park here in ontario and she was already there while we were away, I mailed some to her and she was thrilled!! It really worked and made her tent smell really good and kept the bugs out! So stocking up for all of us this summer! I love that it is natural oils, it moisturizes the skin and smells amazing to boot!

    We’re back in PEI again this July so may stock up more for some gifts while we are there!!

  16. Krystal Mills

    The black flies were around and although I dislike using any repellent, I was not going to be chased into the house on a beautiful evening. Thank you Nova! After using your roll on repellent, I was able to finish my coffee on the deck, in peace. 🙂 Smells and feels so much better on the skin than the competition. Thanks!

    • admin

      Thank you for the wonderful review!

  17. admin

    I recently made a first order of the outdoor spray that I have grown to love since being gifted a bottle from a neighbor. Have to say that I couldn’t imagine using any other product on my skin that does the job of repelling insects while making my skin smell and feel like I am doing something really good it it.
    To my surprise there was an communication after my purchase on-line from the company saying that I had overpaid, so asked if it was alright to send an extra bottle of the outdoor spray and a couple of the soaps to make the payment match the products. Can you imagine this honesty in today’s world! I was overwhelmed! Then just two days after that communication I received the goods in the mail. I could not be more satisfied with the honesty, great products and excellent service at very resonable rates!!! Dealing with this company is a win-win situation!

  18. admin

    Hi nova! I have been meaning to message and kept forgetting! We are been crazy with grad events. Thanks so much for the package. It came quickly. I can’t tell you how excited I was with the sea glass! I was giddy! Love the soap and last night we used the bug spray for the first time. Scott was so impressed! Thanks so much!🥰

  19. Nova

    Stephanie Anne Fraser
    Best bug spray I’ve ever used!!!

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