Black Rafter SoapWorks “PATCHOULI” Artisan Soap

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At Black Rafter SoapWorks I produce all my soaps in small batches, paying close attention to what consumers want. And they want Patchouli! Comforting, relaxing, familiar, this is it. A hard working soap to be sure, but so pretty too! I carefully source my pure Dark Patchouli essential  oil and use it liberally.

It has a comforting, clinging scent that brings one back to earlier days, and a lot of folks of a certain vintage remember burning Patchouli as an incense. Folks who like it, like it a lot!

All artisan soaps created at Black Rafter SoapWorks are mixed lovingly in small batches, carefully hand cut, cured for at least four weeks, then wrapped. Since we do not use synthetics in our production, our scents are much gentler. We use only high grade essential oils for scents, so if you are looking for a strong, lingering scent, you won’t find it here! All our labels are designed and produced locally, and we keep an eye on environmentally-friendly packaging and shipping methods where possible. Please remember that hand made soaps must be kept dry between uses. For that purpose we sell a wooden soapdish made especially for our company by a local workshop that employs adults with challenges.

Each bar of Black Rafter soap is nicely labeled and individually shrink-wrapped for your peace of mind. (and mine.)



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1 review for Black Rafter SoapWorks “PATCHOULI” Artisan Soap

  1. admin

    Eleanor: I love the soaps yummy smell and last a long time

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