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Snoozy Sunday

April 29, two more sleeps til May. Yay! Looking forward to all those flowers after April showers.
As I glance out my office window, it is grey and cloudy and windy, with rain spilling down the windows and quietly drumming on the roof. A peaceful drowsy day, great for napping.
But I was never a napper, this wet weather motivates me as no sunny day can. After church this morning, I changed my clothes, slipped on an apron and assumed the helm as Kitchen Boss. A batch of rolls is rising in a quiet corner as we speak, a new recipe for Oatmeal Date Chocolate Chip cookies is about to go to sea trials, and a plump chicken is thawing in the fridge, tomorrow’s feast.

And yes, soap making is under control. On Thursday I met with a new client who is anxious to stock all the Black Rafter SoapWorks products I can supply, such exciting news for me. And another batch of small (but important) orders left the premises yesterday.
But my thoughts turn to another exciting prospect happening right about now. Our busy and lucrative PEI lobster fishing season starts on Tuesday, May 1, so tomorrow will be impossibly crazy around our harbors as the fisher folk set their traps to be ready to harvest. Lunches to be prepared, last minute details to be taken care of, weather to be watched. So exciting after a winter of repairing, building and/or buying new gear, and counting light bills to setting day. Good luck and take all good care to our young fishermen and women, some who are fishing their gear for the first time and perhaps will spend the next couple of nights wondering “What was I thinking?” Now is the time for seasoned fishermen to offer help and encouragement as the next generation is taking off. Risks and benefits, right?
Right now I can clearly hear the honk of a small flock of our majestic Canada Wild Geese as they fly low on this very rainy afternoon, always a pleasure. Safe travels!
And while there is an ounce of hot coffee left in my pot, perhaps I’ll finish it up while I read yesterdays’ Guardian to see what I’ve missed. And who knows? Perhaps this steady warm rain will tempt me into a snooze. We’ll see……….

4 thoughts on “Snoozy Sunday

  1. Love the bug spray,and the lip balm.

  2. The heel balm is amazing. Love it! Will be using it for years to come!!!!!

    1. Thanks Lorraine, good luck in my Birthday draw!

  3. The heel balm is amazing. Love it! W

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