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Soapmakers Beware-There’s A New Kid On The Block!

Well, hello soapmakers and everybody else! There is a new kid on the block, a beautiful new website to peruse, and a new blog as a forum for my thoughts. Creativity comes in many forms, mine just happens to end in a product that is necessary in every household………….soap!!
Follow along on my journey as a new soapmaker, enjoy my successes, shake your head at my failures, I’ll share them all! Send me feedback, good or bad, that’s how I will improve.
So get good and dirty, grab a bar from Black Rafter SoapWorks, I’m sure you’ll love it!Citrus Swirl Sorbet

4 thoughts on “Soapmakers Beware-There’s A New Kid On The Block!

  1. Your site looks wonderful! Congratulations on your new venture and good luck!

    PS – That Citrus Swirl Sorbet looks like a delectable dessert 🙂 Bet it smells awesome!


    1. Thanks so much!

  2. I have been using these products for the last year. I will never use store bought soap again. All Novas products are amazing

    1. Thanks so much!

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