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Sunday Morning Musings

Only one day left in this month, and as much as I like winter, I like summer on Prince Edward Island much more. (Sorry Feb!)

As a soapmaker, I use the winter to fully stock all my ingredients, buy a few new ones, make products, and look forward to the sense of satisfaction that comes when recipes turn out just right.

Well today’s product turned out so well, I might just cry. Making a good quality hand made soap may be a hobby, but my family and friends love my products, and I am constantly challenged to try new things, but temper them with practicality. Every soapmaker tries goat’s milk at some point. The skin loving properties are legendary, it’s pure, it’s lathery, it just feels good. IF IT TURNS OUT. And that’s a big IF.

Milk. Contains fat. Proteins. Doesn’t like high heat. Soap saponifies at extremely high temperatures which doesn’t have any effect on water based soaps. But milk based are a whole other story. It takes patience and skill. And it doesn’t come easy.  Patient I am not. But stubborn I am. Taurus.

Enter today’s Goat’s Milk with Patchouli Artisan Soap. I am so pleased with the results. And I hope you will be too.Patchouli

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