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Surprise! Surprise!

Soap making isn’t an exact science, but imagine my surprise when I sliced yesterdays’ batch. The label on the colorant bottle clearly says “Brilliant Blue” and I’ve used it several times when the soap DID turn out blue. But all bets are off for color stability in cold process soap, since the high temperatures reached during the saponification process can alter the end result. Well obviously. Look at this!

But am I disappointed? Never! How could I be? This batch is absolutely gorgeous! A pretty shade of blue turned into a true magenta and some pink, it is beautiful amongst the soft green swirls of spirilena. It kept the fresh scent of peppermint and eucalyptus lemon, so I may just change the name! Hmmmm….

What a fun way to start off the day at Black Rafter SoapWorks!surprise DSC07213 DSC07214 DSC07215

2 thoughts on “Surprise! Surprise!

  1. Looks like a horse in some of the views.

    1. I see a dancer in some!

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