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Thanksgiving 2016

displayWell, that’s a wrap! What a wonderful celebration Thanksgiving really is, giving us pause to stop and think and find something to be grateful about. And most of us have quite a list, me included. It also happens at a great time of year for us Canadians, just after Labor Day, just before Remembrance Day, and way ahead of Christmas!
The weather is a little cooler, the evenings a little crisper, a bountiful harvest coming in, students back in school, and a big change in seasons coming, namely Old Man Winter.
But for artisans like me, who have a craft that we love, it all signals more changes to look forward to. Some new recipes, new packaging perhaps, some numbers to crunch, it’s all good. Perhaps we’re playing with the idea of some website changes, or marketing upgrades for our product. It’s still all good.
So hopefully Thanksgiving was a happy occasion at your home, your bellies are full, the dishes put away, and perhaps an old movie is about to be downloaded to fall asleep to. For me, Thanksgiving signals a change. Tomorrow is another day!
And speaking of dishes, I’d better put mine away!

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