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Time “Flies!”

Well here it is late on a Saturday evening, and I’m still working on my on-line business. Summer has decided to arrive, and with it all the winged nuisances. Enter Black Rafter’s Chemical Free Insect Repellent. It is now officially selling faster than I can make it, and all you mosquitoes and black flies in Tignish………..beware, we’re on the way!
A case of repellent is west bound on P.E.I., with more to follow. Garden centers, golf courses, health food stores, private businesses, all are on board in this battle. We Islanders are so proud of our properties, but it takes a lot of outdoor time to keep everything looking so nice, and who can stand the flies?
Check us out, give us a chance! Sold out today, and I’ve lost track of the number of cases, more to come on Friday. The website allows back orders, and I wouldn’t suggest waiting too long……….Insect Repellent

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