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Too Much Packaging – A Real Conundrum

I love making soap. I love cutting soap. I love labeling soap. I love packaging soap. And I love selling soap.

I do not however, love the extra packaging that it seems I must use, but hear me out.

When I decided to offer my hand made soaps for sale, I decided to go the route of making Health Canada aware of my doings, and get the blessing of the Prince Edward Island Crafts Council.

My “Black Rafter SoapWorks” artisan soap passed each of their criteria with flying colors, and I was so pleased to receive their suggestions.  Their advice was actually very comforting, as they liked the fact that each of my bars was completely sealed in a light plastic. Their reasoning was that with the upswing of allergies and sensitivities to scent in our society,  the prudent thing to do was avoid it if possible. Just take a stroll down the detergent aisle at any grocery….you almost have to hold your breath. And I have witnessed a neighbor in the middle of a very nasty asthma attack, triggered in a soap aisle.

So as much as I love the paper label look of artisan soap with no packaging, I do have a problem with the amount of snouts that a bar of soap receives before it goes home with the sniffer. Enter Black Rafter Soaps, each clean and new, and wrapped for travel, viewing, and peace of mind. Mine. And yours.

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