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Warm summer June days………….where are you?

Well that’s okay, I don’t like the heat anyway. (I tell myself) Jeepers Creepers, for a soap maker who also produces an outdoor fly repellent, this weather is certainly not conducive to sales!

If it wasn’t for the weather, I’m sure we Islanders wouldn’t have anything to chat about. And even when we get a single day of perfect conditions, what do we say? “Well, this isn’t going to last, there’s rain in the forecast…..”

That’s us. Islanders. Weather watchers extraordinaire. Perfect complainers. Oh well………..

However, nothing beats a summer on PEI, and these types of days make us appreciate the nice ones so much more.

Soon little green shoots of potato plants will be pushing their snouts out of the drills, grains will be marching in straight lines down the fields, and our gardens will be nursed along. Can’t wait! That first feed of new potatoes with fresh string beans…….heavenly! It’s always worth waiting for.

So, we can wait.  Is it going to rain today? Probably. Colder than a wh*$@*’s heart? Oh ya. Windy? Is the Pope in Rome?

You get the idea.

But I’m off to work, probably to remark on the weather all day. Have a good one folks. And if you’re near any of the outlets that carry my “All Natural Insect Deterrent” you should pick up a supply, ’cause as sure as God made little green apples, this weather will change. With a vengeance.

2 thoughts on “Warm summer June days………….where are you?

  1. Have my insect repellent sitting waiting for the first mosquito 😄..thanks to Black Rafter Soap Works 💕

    1. It’ll be a celebration if it ever gets warm enough to actually use it!

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