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Where is 2021 Going?

Days are getting shorter. Evenings are cooling down. I love this time of year!!
The colors are more intense, the sky is bluer (is that even a word?) and you know what comes next…………Christmas!

The cure time for my cold process soaps is winding down, almost all are ready for labels and wrapping. And who would have thought that as we look into 2022, we are still very much in a Pandemic. Thank heavens for soap! Keep those hands clean, it helps.

At Black Rafter, I make wholesome, natural soaps, using only quality ingredients. I even make one for kids, to hopefully coax them into a lifetime habit of good handwashing hygiene.

Check out my website periodically for recent uploads, you never know what you’ll find.

So. Wear your mask.
Wash those paws.
And when all else fails, have a cookie.




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